7P process for design and launch of consumer products

From: The 7Ps of successful consumer products – with designer and CEO Tracy Hazzard

  1. Prove it – Demonstrate that the concept has a market. This step is really looking at the product – market fit. Starts with one or two key features and test each with research to see how they resonate with the market.  
  2. Plan it – Plan the development process and product launch.
  3. Price it – Before designing the product it is important to define the market price to ensure competitive products and margins. The price will then determine material selection and key design criteria and also influences what product features are kept and what features are removed. 
  4. Prototype it – Design and prototype the product.
  5. Protect it – Provisional IP protection. Ideally you should wait as long as possible before you start revealing details. 
  6. Predict it – Sales forecasting of demand and product longevity in the market. 
  7. Product it – Make it real. For many retail products it is important to ‘babysit’ the producer to ensure the product is produced as expected.