Links 21st June 2014

Some links for your weekend reading pleasure and in no particular order:


  • Estimating global solar PV load factors – Despite the difficulties of finding reliable data on solar PV installations in an industry that is expanding so quickly (one new PV system every four minutes in the US apparently) this article derives what looks to be reasonable load factor estimates which seem to vary from about 7% to 25% depending on latitude and typical cloud cover.
  • Coal use at it’s highest level in 44 years – Coal use consumption increased by 3% in 2013 (the fastest rate for any fossil fuel despite the claimed shale gas revolution) and coal could become the world’s top source of energy by 2017 (currently at 30.1% vs 32.9% for oil).  Whatever happens in the future will be driven by Chinese energy choices.
  • 11 Maps that explain the US energy system
  • Photos from the 10 largest solar projects currently under construction
  • A couple of review of BP statistical energy trends for 2014 here and here.

Offshore Technology:

  • Photos about life aboard a Triple-E class - some of the largest ships to sail the seas.
  • From offshore oil to deep-sea fish farming – 470,000 tonnes of offshoreassets need to be removed from the UK North sea between 2013 and 2022 and the cost of decommissioning this has been estimated at nearly $18 billion USD. Given this possible re-use of the structures are a very attractive possibility for the oil companies.
  • A look at London Gateway port operations
  • A look at the current state of offshore mining operations
  • World’s first global jellyfish database has been created.


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