Energy Collective Roundup

Higher renewable capacity additions in AEO2016 reflect policy changes and cost reductions:

  • The EIA’s projections for US renewable energy capacity in their Annual Energy Outlook (AEO) 2016 are significantly higher than AEO2015.
  • On the regulatory side the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2016 extends certain tax credits for renewable generation technologies and the Clean Power Plan also has a significant impact on projected renewables deployment
  • Projected capital costs from AEO2015 to AEO2016 have fallen 9% for utility wind, 32% for utility solar PV, 5% for commercial solar PV and 2% for residential solar PV

3 Key energy policies that can help us turn the corner on climate:

  • Price on carbon
  • Clean power plan
  • Policies accelerating the clean electricity grid

Renewable energy jobs keep growing while fossil fuel jobs keep shrinking:

  • An estimated 8.1 million people are now employed by the renewable energy industry
  • In the US in 2015, renewable energy jobs increased by 6%, whilst employment in oil and gas fell 18%

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