A sensible post about AI

Should we be afraid of AI? is one of the more balanced and considered articles I have read about AI recently.

The article defines two extreme viewpoints that are being perpetuated around AI.

  • AI Singularitarians believe that the creation of some form of artificial ultraintelligence is likely in the foreseeable future and that this might involve major risks to humanities future. 
  • AItheists beleive that true AI is not possible and that there is nothing to discuss or worry about.

The article argues that both viewpoints are extreme and that reality lies somewhere in the middle stating that true AI is not logically impossible but is implausible. What matters is not the possible appearance of some ultraintelligence but the effect that ever-smarter technologies is having on how we live our lives.

The article defines four revolutions in self-understanding:

  1. We are not the centre of the universe (Copernicus)
  2. We are not the centre of the biological kingdom (Darwin)
  3. We are not the centre of rationality (Freud)
  4. We are not the centre of the infosphere (Turing)

The article concludes:

  • We need the smartest technologies to tackle the concrete evils oppressing humanity and our planet.
  • We should make AI human friendly in always treating people as the ends and never as the means.
  • We should make AI’s stupidity work for human intelligence and that the benefits and costs of AI should be borne by the whole of society.
  • We should make AI’s predictive power work for freedom and autonomy.

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