Floating Production Facts

Some facts here:

  • There are 261 oil & gas floating production units currently installed
    • 65% are FPSOs
    • 15% are production semis
    • 10% are TLPs
    • 8% are production Spars
    • 2% are production barges
    • In addition, there are 19 FSRUs and 92 FSOs in service
  • There are 25 oil and gas floating production units currently available for redeployment
    • 76% of which are FPSOs
    • 24% of which are production semis
  • There are 55 floating production units and 7 storage units on order
    • 53% are FPSOs
    • 13% are another type
    • 35% are FLNG or FSRU units
  • First FLNG is expected to start production this year
  • The last major FPSO contract was awarded in January 2015 for Ghana
  • Over the past ten years the average was for 12 FPSOs and 3 other floating production floater contracts to be signed per year.
  • An FSRU moored offshore can require $500+ million investment in infrastructure.  Unlike an FPSO, an FSRU feeds gas to a local off-taker so financing can be limited by the creditability of the off-taker and the willingness of the government to provide a guarantee.

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