The case for marine renewables for Indonesia

Ocean energy for Indonesian sustainable development.


  • At current production rates and reserves, Indonesian oil reserves will be depleted in 10 years, gas reserves depleted in 25 years and coal reserves depleted in 50 years
  • Indonesia has more than 17,000 islands and three quarters of it’s total area is covered by seas and oceans. The total potential of Indonesia’s ocean energy is estimated at 100 GW.
  • Tidal energy is ready to be commercialized with an estimated potential of at least 10GW. There are at least 11 areas around the Indonesian archipelago with suitable current velocities for tidal energy from either conventional tides or from a constant high-flow current known as the ‘Indonesia throughflow’ which brings water from the Pacific Ocean to the Indian Ocean.
  • The first commercial scale tidal turbine was the MCT twin-turbine device at Strangford Lough which has produced electricity since 2008.
  • The first tidal array in Indonesia will have a capacity of 150MW and a privately funded budget of USD$750M with a schedule of 36 months.
  • In the absence of Indonesian Government development grants for commercial-scale ocean energy projects, the Government’s Feed-in Tariff has been incentivised to allow ocean energy IPPs to deliver bankable projects with a fair return on investment for investors and shareholders. To raise investor confidence in the sector, the Indonesian Government also offers positive fiscal and policy incentives for commercial-scale, tidal-stream developments.

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